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*If product has variations we will setup the first product only. Variations can be added by the customer based on what we have done.

** Site settings such as shipping, payment processors, etc will be setup by the customer.

*** You are REQUIRED to have branding in order to have your website built. Your company’s branding is the first thing that needs to be developed before your website. Your branding includes your logo, color palette, font selections, mood board and general appearance that your brand wants to invoke. All businesses need branding before moving into the building stage. If you do not have branding you MUST select a branding package while checking out.

Q: How long does it take for work to be completed?

A: The standard length of time for building is 5-14 business days depending on your service selected. This time frame is given so that we have time to confer with you, get all of your content, work on the designs and then make any necessary edits. This time frame can take longer if you don't have all content and/or files ready for us. We do our best to keep you on track and help you to stick to your time frame. We do give a 3 day courtesy window if you haven't gotten all necessary assets to us. If we have to extend your services beyond days allotted there is an additional fee accessed of $50 a day that will be billed to you before the final designs are turned over.

Q: Are there specific platforms that your company works with?

A: Yes. While we can work with any platform that you desire we do have specific platforms that we recommend based on our knowledge of the industry and knowing what platforms convert well. If you already have a platform that you would like us to build on that is doable we will just need to know what platform it is.

Q: Are there any additional charges that I should know about?

A: Yes, the prices quoted by us are our service prices. The monthly/annually fees that you will need for things such as hosting, domains, etc. will be paid by you directly to the platform that we agree to build on. We can give you some insight on how much additional those charges will be when we schedule our first call with you.