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About CanvasHTML

Our Approach to Digital Design is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Our Users

CanvasHTML was founded with the idea of helping businesses to be able to be found online and to reach their target audiences. It is our goal to stay connected to our community by assisting others with their digital footprint. Being a woman owned & minority owned business it is a strong goal of ours to assist as many as we can to make sure that the online world stays diverse and every business has the opportunity to be searched and found.

Our biggest mission has been to help other woman & minority owned businesses to fulfill their goals of reaching new people via the internet and growing their businesses. Having an online presence is vital to the advancement of every business and we are happy to play our part in making that dream possible for others.


Our Founder

Jo Anne Moore

Jo Anne Moore

Founder & CEO

Starting CanvasHTML was a dream of mine that I am happy I have been able to fulfill. Being a web developer for 15 years has allowed me to help so many other people to see their dreams of being online come true. It has been a very rewarding experience for me to assist with bringing the vision of others to life. 

I am humbled by all of the amazing opportunities that have come my way over the years and it’s been a blessing to be able to serve my community in this way. 

I have been able to help for profit and non-profit businesses with their web design needs and in turn have helped the millions that they service. One of the best things about being online is being able to have a larger reach to help others. That has been my biggest joy; seeing so many people being reached by the work that is done here at CanvasHTML. 

I am happy to be in the tech industry as a woman poc minority owned business. 

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